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Windows autocorrect- Use AutoHotKey to replace text in any Windows program

windows autocorrect

Windows autocorrect- Adding HotStrings in AutoHotKey

For about 20 years I loved using autocorrect feature in Word and Excel to help me write commonly used phrases.  Unfortunately, at that time, MS office didn’t sync across programs so I had to maintain my list of corrections in each program.  Worse yet; I also had to repeat it on every computer that I used.

About a decade ago I read an article which mentioned AutoHotKey had built in “Hotstrings” which provided a similar functionality but would work in any windows program.  (AutoHotKey has a ton of other great features but this is the one that has the largest appeal to the most users.)

I think of hotstrings and a windows autocorrect.  Used intelligently you can tell the computer when I type a few letters, replace the abbreviation I just typed with a full sentence, paragraph, etc.  It is fairly easy to add Hotstrings in AutoHotKey however there is a script which speeds-up the process.  The below video walks through the process.

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