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Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

The Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is the instrumentation and plumbing through which nearly all Windows resources can be accessed, configured, managed, and monitored.

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and AutoHotkey

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and AutoHotkey

WMI Scripting Primer- The Scripting Guys

  • Part 1 How to use the WMI scripting library to create Windows system administration scripts
  • Part 2 Common Information Model repository and CIM classes to help you tap the full power of WMI scripting
  • Part 3 Defines the WMI scripting library. Shows how to use it to access and manage  resources

AutoHotkey forum posts on WMI

Additional Resources

Transcript to Video on WMI

hey it’s Joe Glines from the-Automator and today we’re going to talk about the Windows management instrumentation that’s a mouthful so I’m going to say wmi so much easier anyway it’s a really really powerfulcode that you can access via a comma object the com object getand let me read it right from here says the windows info system is the plumbing through which nearly all windows resources can be accessed configured managed and monitored right like that sounds pretty impressive um
let me show you the page that I had created for us toto with some great resources for this and then we’ll go into some of the example scriptshere you can download there’s 34 different scripts I have all together zipped together for you I’ll show a couple but because they peek inside your computer and reveal a lot of really juicy information I’m not going to run them all here because I don’t want to give him that stuff outthis this wmi scripting primerthere’s three different parts really
great information broken out they explain a lot of the stuff on this the cim common information model and stuff of what you’re doing and how to access the stuff I highly recommend you check those out if you’re interested in actually getting the guts now of course just like most things you don’t actually have to go read all this stuff you can just use the scripts right but if you want to understand because of the what’s presented here it’s just a fraction of what’s available right so just let you know it’s out therethere are I found
these three different posts in the Forum and there’s a lot of overlap in the content of them but these are actually people on The Forum who have posted AutoHotkey scripts a lot of which I I borrowed and put in the links here are in this download and then here were some other resources that I had found again just lots of really amazing stuff about the wmi and how you can be used so let’s go ahead and get into some of the codeso here like I said here are all different scripts let’s say if I wanted
to see what anti-spywarethe status of my anti-spiner so I’m going to drop it into here just so we can take a peek at a couple of them right what basically you use the com object get to Ping and you’re going to look for a certain thing right I’m like here it’s this anti-spyware product and that is going to have a lot ofyou know values that it can pull out now the thing is you have to know what these are and that’s that’s where it’s like wow it’s it’s a lot of information and I don’t even know if the person to put this script
together got all the information that’s inside this you know piece ofthisvalue soyou’re gonna have to do some homework here but let’s go ahead and run it and this just displays a message box showing you oh Windows Defender I think actually is this the if they spy with no spyware I think was just Windows Defender it shows you what’s going onthe antivirus one remember correctly and let’s just go ahead and run that one that shows Windows Defender and because I have Malwarebytes running also so it
shows both of those it’s iterating over themthe architecture that wasn’t too interesting let’s do a CPU I’m going to run that and here now I have some of these will dump into a text file that’s why I have site up here so here you can see the different information I have a threadripper ryzen threadripper from AMD but it shows you the information about it like I said you can get you know the ram you can get a ton so let’s just take a look here there’s a ton of information
that it peeks in there when you like the drives goes over your hard drives and this is a real short oneI have two there’s that one and this one this one goes a much deeper level of the hard drives and what’s available on their installed audio codecs like I don’t know why you’d want to know that list of installed programs right and solid fonts both of those took take a while to run because it’s a lot of information but it goes rips them out for you the user account system accounts memory your motherboard like it’s crazy the amount
of information is in here let’s go ahead and look at let’s look at let’s look at let me run Mouseat least there’s nothing secrethere it pulls back this information let’s look at the script I’ll say edit edit and here we can see you know how it’s again it’s iterating over the thingthis root simv2 whatever well it is and pulling out informationnow here we’re enumerating over each each item and getting themand dumps oh this is the while object so yeah it’s giving them and it dumps it
into here and someone just says Hey when it says resolution put the-Automator.com wmi it’ll
bring upthis main page up wherever it wentthis page andand from there you can get the download or you can get all the resources like I said it’s it’s we could we could do a couple webinars I think on this topic alone it’s a lot of information therebut it’s another great thing AutoHotkey this makes it so easy right so cheers

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