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AutoHotkey Webinar

AutoHotkey Webinar

10/2021– Using built-in AutoHotkey Functions & Creating your own

09/2021– Simple Arrays, Associative Arrays and Objects in AHK

08/2021– AutoHotkey Version 2

07/2021 – Helping attendees: Moving edit to tab, Outlook, etc.

06/2021 – Helping attendees: Snagit, using Hwnd ID vs. PID, etc.

05/2021– Helping attendees with their code

04/2021– Installing & Configuring Notepad++

03/2021–  VS Code & Integration with GIT is AMAZING

02/2021 – Pulover’s Macro Creator

01/2021 – Results to AutoHotkey User Survey

12/2020 – Amazing Listview class

11/2020 – AHK Mentorship

10/2020– Hotstrings tools & Second keyboard

09/2020– Helping attendees with their code

08/2020– Using GitHub with your code

07/2020– Revisiting Cloud AHK

06/2020–  CloudAHK / Blockly for AHK

05/2020– Creating beautiful GUI’s with GeekDude’s Neutron.ahk

04/2020– Automate my Task (Syntax writer for Finding and Clicking images/text)

03/2020Robotics Process Automation and the new economy

02/2020– Working Session- AHK String functions in Excel

01/2020– Working Session- Finding text in large text file

12/2019– Working Session- Skrommel script & web scraping

11/2019– Working session- Helping attendees

10/2019– Converting Gosubs to Functions.  Functions are the quickest way to level-up your AutoHotkey programming

09/2019–  Finding and Clicking an Image / Text- Our first look at FindText

08/2019– How to Learn AutoHotkey quickly- great way to learn anything but we focus more on AutoHotkey

07/2019–  AutoHotkey Webinar Working session

06/2019– Automating programs with Controls

05/2019– Protecting your Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Trade Secrets & more

04/2019– Error Handling / Dealing with Runtime errors

03/2019– Recursion (calling a function from within itself) with Jean Lalonde

02/2019– Hangout & discuss possible future topics and troubleshooting a few attendee’s work

01/2019– Hangout & discuss new AutoHotkey Webinar format

12/2018Intro to AutoHotkey

11/2018– Free database tool SQLite with Jean Lalonde

10/2018Advanced Web Scraping

09/2018– AutoHotkey_H with HotKeyIt

08/2018– Automating an Android App

06/2018– Optimizing Image comparisons / detection

05/2018– Connecting to running programs from Explorer context Menu

04/2018– Getting text from programs

03/2018– Intro to Neural Networks

02/2018– Deep-dive into File Encoding

01/2018– Intro to GUIs

12/2017– Creating, Editing, Saving Files & Folders

11/2017– Working with Multiple files / scripts – sharing variables / data between them

10/2017– Automating emails, appointments & more in MS Outlook

09/2017– Getting more people to adopt AHK & making money from your AutoHotkey scripts

08/2017Parsing Plain text files with AutoHotkey

07/2017SciTE4AutoHotkey– Intro to SciTE & tips on customization.  A ton more info here

06/2017– Webservice APIs with AutoHotkey.  More examples here

05/2017– Intro to Web Scraping.  Best practices & methods. Lots more examples and tutorials

04/2017– Working session showing various examples how to automate Windows with AutoHotkey

03/2017– Various ways to use AutoHotkey to Automate work in Windows

02/2017– Simple & Associative Arrays

01/2017– Troubleshooting & Debugging

12/2016– Intro to AHK Classes

11/2016Regular Expressions in AHK

10/2016– COM, Programs that use COM and deep-dive into driving Excel via AutoHotkey.  More examples & tutorials here

09/2016– Built-in Functions, Custom Functions, and DLL calls.  Many more tutorials here

08/2016AHK Studio, Screen Clipping

05/2016 AHK User Survey – Results from AHK User survey

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