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First off, thank you so much for watching our videos and joining our calls!  We love helping people automate the mundane!  Unfortunately, we do have bills to pay so we came up with the AHK Heroes club.   By joining the club you get many benefits:

  • Access to live “office hours” — The Friday calls (10am-noon CDT) are great and we love helping people however often people can’t share their screens because of privacy issues. Our Saturday calls (11am-noon CDT) are tailored for our beginner users, and we keep the topics as simple as possible. These call’s won’t be “exclusive” but the content will not be uploaded to YouTube thus shared amongst a far-fewer number of people.  This meeting will be recorded in Zoom and shared with other AHK Heroes but will not be shared publicly on YouTube.
  • 25% Discount to 1-1 tutoring — Want a code review?  Help learning a particular topic?  We’re here to help!
  • 25% Discount to consultations — Need some quick direction on a project?
  • 25% Discount to project work — Want us to do the work for you?
  • Discounts / deals — with other vendors (TAB Nation, Directory Opus, etc.)
  • Access to private AHK Hero Telegram group
  • Access to “master class” sessions & recordings
  • Deeper Discount to Udemy courses — (Once a month we’ll create coupons for the deepest discount Udemy allows)
  • Discounts to AutoHotkey products — (Water bottles, squishy ball, stickers, etc.) (*US Only)
  • Access to Documents — We will be creating
  • Early access to content / videos — We are going to start pre-releasing many of our videos

Ramp-up your AutoHotkey skills saving Time & Money❗

Ramp-up your AutoHotkey skills saving Time & Money❗

Testimonials from AHK Hero members

I joined the AHK-Heroes club to support Joe and Isaias in the valuable work they do for the AutoHotKey community. The Friday calls have been fun from the start and I’m actually looking forward to them each week. It’s always interesting to see the different approaches others take when solving problems. The people are great and the relaxed atmosphere helps a lot in staying motivated. Highly recommended! Thomas K.

The Friday AutoHotkey Heroes sessions fly by with AutoHotkey experts Joe Glines and Isaias Baez.  They are an extension of the many tools, videos and help they put out for free.  The in-depth help, personal help is very valuable in learning new things about AutoHotkey and resolving issues.  Outside of the Friday sessions, they also have a Telegram channel that they are quick to reply to questions and requests for assistance.  – Dale W.

For a matter of time, I rarely attend to hero calls. I get all the benefits by the telegram chat. And these are a lot. In the telegram group you can ask for help all day long, and not only Joe and Isaias reply to you. There are other guys really expert who give you a hand with your coding. More, almost every day are posted useful links to videos and articles that can really speedup your work. “I’m in” and I don’t even think to get out. – Gabriele from Italy

I joined AHK Hero’s for direct access to Joe, Isaias and the community as well as the other perks like discounts on current and future training.   It’s a great value and no brainer.. 🙂  – Mario P.

I’ve found the AHK Hero program to be a great resource as I learn new topics. The group chat has helped me get pointed in the right direction when exploring options, and the Hero web meetings have shown me new things I didn’t know were possible with AHK. I really appreciate the help I can get from this group! Tyler F.

I have all of Joe Glines’ and Isaias Baez’s Udemy courses, and I’ve been following their YouTube content for at least three years.  I don’t think I would have ever gotten off the ground using AutoHotKey without their lasting contributions to the AHK community.  Although, with all of that being said, I always wanted more immediate access to these gentlemen.  The AhkHero membership has given me that and much more. – Mathew F.

I joined to listen to Joe, Isaias,  Jean and others talk about and demonstrate the various ways AHK can be used to deal with repetitive tasks. I thought it might help me learn how to waste less time. I didn’t realize just how incredible it’s been listening in on Friday mornings as they have troubleshot issues with other Hero members and helped debug programs as well as seeing how others approach similar tasks to what I do. Absolutely invaluable. – Robert R.

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