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SciTE4AutoHotkey is an amazing AutoHotkey editor! (2023)

SciTE4AutoHotkeyTips on how to Customize SciTE / SciTE4AutoHotkey

SciTE4AutoHotkey is an amazing, free, IDE and text editor which has great functionality and is incredibly flexible.  I used it for years as an IDE for AutoHotkey however there ~100 other languages you can use it with.  Here are links to help understanding the documentation and Interface and here is a User Group.  There is also a subreddit here and StackOverlflow Q&A.

SciTE4AutoHotkey: a great AutoHotkey IDE  / Editor

Now Avaialable for AutoHotkey V2!  Get the new SciTE4AutoHotkey for v2 version here

🔥Unlock the power of AutoHotkey v2 with this easy SciTE4AutoHotkey setup guide🔥
🔥Unlock the power of AutoHotkey v2 with this easy SciTE4AutoHotkey setup guide🔥

Having problems configuring SciTE4AutoHotkey for v2?   Grab our AHK v2 and SciTE4AutoHotkey installer (and customizing) script.


PLEASE NOTE:  Links & Resources below are for the “older” version of SciTE & AutoHotkey V1

If you’re having trouble downloading the older version of SciTE4AutoHotkey, you can get it below

I used to use SciTE4AutoHotkey built by Fincs.  You can find an amazing thread here on the AutoHotkey forum.  The thread has been added to over several years now and has quite a bit of cool tips & tricks!  The AutoHotkey forum is filled with very knowledgeable and friendly people.  I highly recommend you review the thread and post questions you have to it or to me on my contact page  🙂

Take a look at my cheat sheet of 100 SciTE hotkeys
or just download it here

Here are some videos and posts which review configuring, personalizing, and to customize SciTE.  

  1. Great video demonstrating how powerful it is
  2. Creating a SciTE Home Variable-Great tip for working on multiple computers
  3. Configuring Language Properties (and download  ~79 language files)
  4. Customizing the  User.Properties file
  5. Customize SciTE context menu: Make your favorite commands one right-click away!
  6. Create your own Status Bars– Show more relevant information based on your needs!
  7. Create your own Hotkeys
  8. Using built-in Find and Replace (Tips on RegEx) in SciTE4Autohotkey
  9. Built-in Keyboard Commands / Hotkeys
  10. Programmatically interact with SciTE via COM object
  11. Debug with SciTE4AutoHotkey-Reduce coding time
  12. Second Debugging video (additional tips & tricks)
  13. Run selected text (great for long AutoHotkey scripts)
  14. Function to send output to SciTE Output pane
  15. Customize SciTE to automatically trim whitespace and end of line upon file save
  16. Two great ways to personalize Intellisense / Autocorrect to your specific library / files
  17. 2 hour Webinar introducing to SciTE4AutoHotkey & tips on customization
  18. Automatically close your: brackets, parens, curly braces, single quotes, double quotes

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