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Intermediate AutoHotkey

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Intermediate AutoHotkey

Intro to AutoHotkey
If you’ve been using AutoHotkey for a while, or are used to programming in other languages, this is the course for you!  Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn

  • Some great default settings to have in your scripts
  • Various types of ways to Send data/text/actions to programs
  • Using a Set Timer to give the illusion of multi-threading
  • Reading and Writing to .ini files (great ways to store preferences & settings)
  • Reading and Writing to the Windows Registry
  • Automating programs with Controls  (amazing way to automate older programs!)
  • How to automate older programs using their menus
  • How to work with 5 types of AutoHotkey Loops
  • How to work with Simple and Associative Arrays / Dictionaries / Maps
  • How to get help with your code

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Still not sure this course is for you?  Here are a few testimonials from people that have worked through the course:

  • Stunning course with plenty of information. Joe Glines gives lot of useful introduction how to enhance ahk developer knowledge and capabilities. –Stefan K.
  • Joe includes in his course valuable lessons on how to experiment and troubleshoot which is fundamental for unraveling the endless possibilities in AHK.  Real use examples and demonstration from an experienced user is the best in getting started. creating, using and practicing AutoHotkey. Joe’s long time use of the program makes for a great instructor in this course. The demonstrations show how the commands work in an easy to understand exercise. –Susan T.
  • Perfect course for somebody with intermediate knowledge of AHK –Thomas N.
  • Joe is great at showing you how to use the code in a complete and clear way. I especially like how he allowed students to see how je trouble shoots as he writes the code. –Kamil L.
  • This well-presented course builds on the previous ones and is very helpful in demonstrating the power and versatility of AutoHotkey. –Dale W.
  • Joe Glines is the man his work and dedication is terrific. I’ve purchased all of his courses. I watch hundreds of his videos. His work has saved me of three weeks of time every year. –Brad S.
  • I loved the fact that you could see the fault finding process in action, explained more in real-time as opposed to what I would have learned from just slides and syntax. Thanks for making this course as it cleared up some “gray” areas. –Conrad S.
  • This course is worth the money as it saves a lot of time to learn AHK compared to learning via documentation, forums etc.  –Chong K.

Final thoughts

So above we’ve shown you

  1. There’s NO RISK due to the 30-day money back guarantee
  2. You’re able to purchase the course at a severe discount
  3. Others like you that are experienced AutoHotkey users have learned from the course

What is stopping you from taking the time to sharpen the saw?  Make a pledge to work smarter not harder and plan for a better tomorrow!

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