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Controls in AutoHotkey are Amazing ways to Automate old Windows Programs in 2021

Controls in AutoHotkeyControls in AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey has some amazing ways to connect to programs!  Using Controls in AutoHotkey is a great way to connect to programs with the “older style” / basic controls (So not the Ribbon).   In the below videos I walk through many of the ways you can automate connecting to existing programs.  One HUGE benefit of these are that they don’t interrupt / take the focus away from the user!  In most cases the programs you’re automating do NOT need to be visible or active!

Here is a link to SimpleSpy, the tool Maestrith and I developed based off of this WinSpy Script from Alguimist.  (Note: WinSpy is a great tool!  It just has a lot of functionality that is probably not used by most people).

Jacks Motley assortment of AutoHotkey tips

Windows Automation Section covers controls

Below is a video where I walk through the functionality of using SimpleSpy.   Keep in mind, the “controls” you are connecting to are actually the instance of a Class otherwise referred to as ClassNN.  While ClassNN is the correct term (NN referring to the number for that parent Class), I found it confusing for the tool not to specify “control” given that is the “key word” used in the AutoHotkey commands.  Here is a link to the AutoHotkey source code.

Intermediate AutoHotkeyAlso note that we have 40 videos in our Intermediate AutoHotkey course covering Controls

SimpleSpy Demonstration

  1. Intro to Controls in AutoHotkey
  2. SimpleSpy Demo showing how to use the tool and it’s functionality
  3. Tutorial Video on: ControlGetText, ControlSetText, ControlSend and ControlSendRaw
  4. Tutorial Video on: ControlGetFocus, ControlGetPos and ControlFocus
  5. Tutorial Video on: ControlGet: Selected, Checked, Line, CurrentLine LineCount
  6. Tutorial Video on: ControlGet: List, Selected, Focused, Column, Count, Count Selected, Count Focused, Count Columns, Choice
  7. Tutorial Video on: ControlClick (Sending a mouse click to a Control / Button)
  8. Tutorial Video on: ControlMove (Moving a control)
  9. Tutorial Video on: Control Check, Control UnCheck on Radio Boxes & Check Boxes
  10. Tutorial Video on:Controls: Enable, Disable, Hide, and Show
  11. Tutorial Video on: Adding, Deleting, Hiding and Showing Lists (ListViews, ComboBoxes, etc.)

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