AutoHotkey Tutorial: How to use Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey | Hack your PC today!

Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey

Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey

In this AutoHotkey tutorial I demonstrate how to use voice recognition with AutoHotkey on your computer. I found an AutoHotkey script performing voice recognition from scriptor2016 and made some general tweaks. It’s not an Alexa, but being able to have your computer recognize your voice commands is pretty cool!

I love using our Alexa Echoes throughout the house!  Controlling things with your voice can be really fun and helpful!  Here I  show how easy it is to use AutoHotkey to setup voice recognition software that will recognize voice commands and trigger responses that you want.  AHK is free and Windows 7,8, and 10 have the built-in SAPI voice controls so it should be really easy for you to incorporate this on your computer and customize it to what voice commands you want.   I made some tweaks to the script I found.  Mainly allowing to have spaces between words.

Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey


Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey

You can download the AutoHotkey Voice recognition script below

36 Amazing Windows keyboard shortcuts | Print out this awesome cheat-sheet & begin memorizing them today

Keyboard Shortcuts

36 Must-know Windows keyboard shortcuts / Hotkeys

It’s hard to believe, but I created this document over 20 years ago!  I was watching my classmates fumble around on their computers and put together a list of great Windows shortcuts / Hotkeys that they should memorize.   All but one date back to 1998!  But don’t worry, while I created this a long time ago, they have all stood the test of time!

Amazingly very little has changed since then!  I added one new hotkey (for emoticons)


Windows keyboard shortcuts Walkthrough- These are all great hotkeys to memorize

AutoHotkey Webinar- AHK Mentorship & User Survey

AutoHotkey webinarAutoHotkey webinar Hour 1
AHK Webinar Hour 2

We had a great webinar today (Nov 17, 2020)!  In hour 1 made some great announcements like:

77- Server verse Desktop Automation
78- Using AutoHotkey on phones
79- Main benefits of Robotics Process Automation  

Intro to GUI’s AutoHotkey course is live and it’s Awesome!

We kicked-off the second AutoHotkey User survey.  The first one was done in May of 2016 and got 408 completes.  The report of which was the first AutoHotkey webinar (this was our 53rd).  The survey will take ~4 minutes to complete and you have a chance to win $50 Amazon gift card or one of three AHK Udemy coursesTake the survey now!

The AutoHotkey mentorship site is now live!  Sign up to be a mentor and / or to get a mentor.   Mentorship is such an amazing way to help yourself as well as others!  Sign up today!

Be sure to check out Dimitris cool Excel helper scripts on the forum

Script Highlight

MS Word Hyperlink Search / Replace

Keyboards / Devices mentioned during webinar

Koolertron Single-Handed Programmable Mechanical Keyboard with OEM Gateron Red Switch,All 44 Programmable Keys Tools Keypad,8 Macro Keys,PBT Keycaps.[SMKD72-C]

iKKEGOL PC USB Triple Foot Switch Keyboard Mouse Control Action 3 Three Pedal HID for Game PC Laptop Hospital (Triple 2M/6ft USB Cord)