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AHK Mastery Membership

AHK Mastery Subscription to AHK Courses

AHK Mastery Subscription to AHK Courses

Introducing the AHK Mastery Membership!

Are you ready to elevate your AutoHotkey skills to the next level? Say goodbye to the hassles of repetitive tasks and dive into the world of automation with our AHK Mastery Membership. With this membership, you gain unlimited access to a treasure trove of invaluable resources designed to turbocharge your proficiency in AutoHotkey.

Basic Membership

Unlock  many courses tailored to suit every skill level and interest in over 48.7 hours of course content:

  • Rise Above PC Incompetence Course – (4h+ – $29.99 Value): Transform into a proficient power user with ease.
  • AutoHotkey FAQ 1 Course – (2h$39.99 Value): Essential insights before diving into coding with AHK.
  • AutoHotkey FAQ 2 Course – (2h$39.99 Value): Beginner’s guide to coding in AutoHotkey version 1.
  • Intro to AutoHotkey v1 Course – (5h+$79.99 Value): Begin your journey into Windows PC automation with AHK v1.
  • Text Expansion on a Windows PC Course – (1h$29.99 Value): Boost your productivity using HotStrings with AHK v1.
  • Intermediate AutoHotkey V1 Course – (5.5h$29.99 Value): Automate your Windows PC like a pro using AHK v1.
  • GUIs are Easy V1 Course – (3h$99.99 Value): Unlock the secrets to effortlessly using GUIs.
  • AHK v1 to v2 Transition Course – (2h$59.99 Value): Smoothly transition your AutoHotkey skills from version 1 to version 2.
  • Intro to VSCode Course – (4h$139.99 Value): Learn the essentials of Visual Studio Code, from installation and configuration to basic debugging techniques.
  • Introduction to Autohotkey v2 Course – (4h$99.99 Value): Get started with the latest features and capabilities of AutoHotkey v2.
  • Intermediate AutoHotkey v2 Course – (5h$149.99 Value): Dive deep into intermediate-level AHK v2 techniques.
  • Functions, Objects, and Classes Course – (4h$99.99 Value): Master advanced concepts for both AHK v1 and v2.
  • GUIs are Easy v2 Course – Module 1 – (4.5h$139.99 Value): Learn the basics of creating GUIs in AHK v2.
  • Intro to DOS Course – (2.5h$64.99 Value): Discover the fundamentals of DOS commands.

Community Membership

  • Access to everything in the Basic Membership 
  • Access to the Telegram channel dedicated to asking questions about the courses or providing feedback

Hero Membership

  • Everything in the Community Membership
  • Access to the Hero Members only Telegram channel where we answer questions about programming and provide guidance on topics you might be stuck on
  • 25% off on everything we offer
  • Live Office Hours Fridays  (10am-noon CDT) and Saturdays (11am-noon CDT)


But that’s not all! As a member of the AHK Mastery Membership, you’ll also enjoy exclusive perks:

  • Access to a vibrant community of fellow AHK enthusiasts.
  • Regular updates and bonus content to keep your skills sharp.
  • Access to all our new courses as they are created: We typically create 2-3 courses a year!

Join the AHK Mastery Membership today and embark on a journey towards efficiency and  productivity. Work smarter, not harder!

  • Retail Price: $299.88
  • Retail Price: $359.88
  • Retail Price: $455.88

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