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AutoHotkey Webinar- 12/2019 Working Session

In this webinar we worked on a script from Skrommel’s 1-hour software

Video Hour 1: High-level overview: Hour 1
Video Hour 2: Q&A: Hour 2

Here’s the version that Maestrith (author of AHK Studio) wrote but we tweaked.  Granted, it does less than the original code but it is also 9 lines instead of ~400.   I’d probably add a few more lines to limit what program it works in…

~LButton Up:: ;Watch for mouse-up but don't "absorb" it
Clipboard:="" ;Clear clipboard
while(Clipboard) ;Wait until clipboard is blank
Send,^c ;Send selection to clipboard
ClipWait,1 ;Wait for up to 1 second for clipboard to have content
if (clipboard)
  MsgBox % Clipboard

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