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Introduction to Autohotkey v2 Course

Intro to AutoHotkey in v1

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What you’ll learn in the 4+ hours of content

  • All the basics of Installing and using AutoHotkey v2 to automate your Windows PC
  • What Desktop Automation / Robotics Process Automation is and where AutoHotkey fits in it
  • How to Automate tasks on your Windows computers
  • How to hack your computer and make better use of time management
  • How to work smarter, not harder and get more done in less time with this free desktop support tool
  • How and why AutoHotkey v2 is the best alternative to: Powershell, AutoIt, iMacros and JavaScript
  • Which Editor / IDE to start with Autothokey v2

Final thoughts on the Intro to AutoHotkey Course

So above we’ve shown you

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Course: Intro to AutoHotkey in v2 | Save big

 Course: Intro to AutoHotkey in v2 | Save big

Intro to Autohotkey v2 Course Outline – 4+ Hours


General information about autohotkey, how to install it and your first script.

What is Autohotkey

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to compile
  • What is it good for?
    • Built for Desktop Automation
    • Built for simple tasks
    • Swiss army knife for Windows / Windows API
    • File / Folder manipulation
    • Hotkeys / Remapping of keys
    • Hotstrings / Text expansions
    • Create custom Graphical User Interfaces
    • Connect / Control programs- , SendMessage, Controls, Send keystrokes / mouse-clicks
    • Connect to Web APIs
    • Text Manipulation / Regular Expressions
    • Connects to Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM)/APIs in windows

Installing Autohotkey

  • Current version
  • Install multiple versions

Hello World

  • Your first script
  • How to create comments
  • How to force single instance

Available IDEs

Critical concepts

Critical concepts that will be used in all your scripts.

Variable Basics

  • It’s like references in excel
  • Assigning values
  • Referencing values


  • Text inside an expression
  • Variables inside an expression

The auto execute section

  • Where does it start and end
  • What can stop your script from continuing
  • Persistent scripts vs run and exit


  • What are directives
  • They are read before the script executes
  • They are unconditional

Multiple vs Single Scripts

  • Having multiple scripts for differnt things
  • Having a ‘Master script’ that launches everything
  • AddtoStartup Tool

Built-in functions

  • What are functions
  • Difference between a function and a command syntax

Code Blocks

  • One line does not need brackets
  • multiple related lines need brackets

Section 1 Summary

Powerful Built-in tools

Exploring the main use of autohotkey with its focus in hotkeys, hotstrings, file manipulation
and user emulation.


  • Static Hotstrings
  • Dynamic Hotstrings
  • Multiline
  • Basic options R/O


Remaping keys

  • Remapping keyboard keys
  • Remapping mouse buttons

Reading/Saving files

  • Fileselect
  • FileRead
  • Fileappend

Sending user input

  • Send
  • SendText
  • UnicodeLookup tool

Debugging Commands

Section 2 Summary

The programming basics

Explaining basic concepts that will empower you to write different types of scripts

Using variables

Conditional Statements

  • if statements
  • else statements
  • else if statements
  • Disable code easily

Function Basics

  • Defining a function
  • Using a function
  • Scope

Function Flexibility

Window Spy tool

  • Shows titles
  • Controls
  • Coordinates

Working with Windows

  • Checking if Exists or is Active
  • Activating / Minimizing / Maximizing

Section 3 Summary

Sharing your code


Source code

  • Simply give the .ahk files
  • Make sure to include any additional resources that the script needs

Compiling your script

  • Using the GUI
  • Using the context menu

Notes on sharing code

  • Mouse Clicks / Keystrokes might not work on other peoples computers


Taking a look at what can you do when things dont go according to plan


  • Is it running (in system tray)
  • Reboot windows
  • Stop all other scripts & programs
  • Try it on a different computer
  • Try running script as Admin (Right-click script and run as Admin)
  • Try (temporarily) turning-off UAC (User Account Control)
  • Is your script context sensitive? Try making it general and test
  • Does your code only work at certain places in the script? Make sure you understand the Auto-Execute section

When Troubleshooting

  • onError to log to a file
  • Isolate down to 1 thing
  • Use message boxes, Tooltips, etc. to check values and verify your location
  • Talk out loud- explain it to someone else or use bobble-head approach
  • ChatGPT3
  • AHKHero group
  • Question all of your assumptions
  • Utilize built-in debug features of your IDE

When Seeking help

Wrap up

Next Steps

  • Intro
  • Recommended Default Settings
  • Parsing Text
  • Files and Folders
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Recycle
  • if exists
  • the file object
  • the special file loop
  • Loops
    • Loop Files
    • Loop Parse
    • Loop Read
    • While
    • For
  • Automating Controls
  • Dealing with the Registry
  • Data Structures
    • Objects
    • Arrays
    • Maps
  • Menus
  • Timers
  • IniRead/IniWrite
  • The addional Send Modes

Tips to Level up

  • Make it a habit to learn / Put it on your calendar
  • Talk it out with somebody else/ChatGPT/Rubber Duck
  • Listen to other people’s ideas / problems – adapt it
  • Learn how to use your editor’s debugging tools
  • Free Friday Live streaming / AHKHero club
  • Hero Discount

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