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Arrays in AutoHotKey– A video walking through Arrays by a non-programmer

Arrays in AutoHotKeyArrays in AutoHotKey

While the AutoHotKey forum is awesome at providing great information and help, a lot of the content and people people that help solve my problems are so much further advanced than I, it can make understanding/following what they are saying difficult.  That in mind I thought I’d make a “simple” video explaining how to manipulate an Array in AutoHotKey.

I’ve been working with both Simple and Associative arrays lately and many examples I found in the forum, as well as in AutoHotKey help, were difficult for me to follow.

Thus I decided to take a crack at writing a tutorial from the non-programmer perspective. I’m sure some of my terminology is not correct (and some of it might flat out be wrong) but the below script works in the way that I describe in the video which I hope some other non-programmers will find helpful.

The script I work-through in the video can be downloaded from the first post here.

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