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AutoHotkey User Survey-Data file of Open-Ended questions

AutoHotkey User Survey

A lot of interest has been generated in the AutoHotkey User Survey.  We shared the report in PowerPoint and PDF as well as walked-through it in an hour-long webinar here.  In the survey we asked many “qualitative” / open-ended questions about user preferences.

Here are the questions reported on in the below spreadsheet:

  • If you could choose to add new functionality to AutoHotkey, what would you like added?
  • If you could get a free super-knowledgeableautomation expert” to automate something for you, what would you ask help with?
  • In your opinion what type of functionality does [Favorite IDE/Editor] have that makes it better than the others?

We’ve put together this spreadsheet from the AutoHotkey User Survey which provides what contacts wrote in as well as a few other variables to help interpret their answers.

AutoHotkey User Survey Open Ends

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