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AutoHotkey Webinar: 12/20/2016: Intro to Classes in AHK

AutoHotkeyAutoHotkey webinar Webinar Videos and Links

  • Here is a link to video of the First hour
  • Video of Second hour where we chit-chat about how to best solve some problems.

Link to AutoHotkey Webinar resources:

Resources covered during AutoHotkey webinar



Script highlight Notify by gwarble.  This function is a great way to automate notifications in AutoHotkey.

This is a GUI for building the syntax for calling the Notify function.


Tutorials and Videos on Classes / Objects

Lynda.com overview: Object Oriented language (not AHK specific but great review

 AutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ball

Why use classes

  • 1) multiple times but operate independently
  • 2) group methods together (similar like library/Include). Don’t use this., don’t instantiate

Here is the deck that Mason put together for our webinar (Thanks again Mason!) as well as the people on the webinar that helped talk through how classes work.

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